The Project Fashion Show Pt1

  The Project Fashion Show Pt1

   Hello and welcome back to ViewsFromAavo. This month I was invited to attend The Project Fashion Show Pt 1, thanks to Tag Team Entertainment, Myeeka Ferguson and Xavier James. Project Fashion Show gives some of Houston’s elite insiders to pick some of the finest Designers to come together for one night to showcase next season’s newest and hottest trends. The theme of the Fashion show was all Black Cocktail, no exceptions. Once inside the venue I noticed DJ CeeWatts on ones and twos setting the tone for the night. I even saw some of Houston’s own elites such as Slim Thug, Maggie Noel and StrutItUp Magazine. They had hors d’oeuvres provided by HS Green Fresh Food Kitchen and drinks sponsored by Martell USA and Absolut Elyx. “Two of my favorite drinks were The Debonair by Martell with Martell VSSD and a Splash of ginger ale and The Stylist made with Abosulut Elyx and blueberry lemonade.” After socializing for a few minutes the fashion show started.  The designers were V Cheri, Dieu Est, Grayscale, Ryan Knew and Jamel Hawk. They featured styles from frill gowns, ripped garments, body-con maxi dresses, and urban wear. Throughout the night I felt like there was something missing, and then I realized there was no announcer. Someone to who can tie the show together and make it flow seamlessly. Overall, the Designers did great even though I felt that the see through top on one of the models was a bit distasteful. I also feel it was a bold move. Maybe the top was a bit tight and started a little low, but with a few changes in the design I’m sure the designer can make it work. Overall the show was great, not only did it give these designers a platform but also partial proceeds go to Tag Team Entertainments’ “Donate-A-Meal program.” This program gives full course meals and beverages to the less fortunate in the downtown Houston area. If you like to donate I have posted a link to the site down below. Also there are pictures and videos down below and also comment and subscribe.


Avery Scott

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