Last Wednesday, I was given the pleasure to attend a coffee workshop sponsored by Grey Goose. The workshop took place at Greater Goods Coffee Roaster in Austin, Texas. “If you haven’t been there, you may want to plan a visit. It’s the most modern coffee shop I have ever been to and the coffee is amazing.” Upon arrival I was greeted with a La Vanille cold brew tonic. This combined Guatemalan coffe beans and Grey Goose La Vanille. During, the workshop I explored the rich histories of both coffee and vodka and how they are both connected to one another.  For example; did you know the first cocktail was served in a coffee shop or that by adding a little bit of salt will enhance the flavors of your coffee and vodka? I even learned how to read the coffee flavor wheel. While at the workshop I was able to make three different types of coffee brews. A strong grainy flavored one from Ethiopia, a berry tasting one from Kenya and “my favorite” a nutmeg flavored one from Costa Rica. At the end of the workshop we had our final tasting the VIVE L’ESPRESSO MARTINI. This was so good. It’s a bold blend of Grey Goose, freshly made single origin espresso and finest quality coffee liqueur, garnished with three coffee beans. The ingredients are 1 ½ grey goose 1 part single origin espresso ¾ part premium coffee liqueur and a pinch of fleur de sel. Shake in a shaker and strained.  Overall this was a great experience and I thank Grey Goose and Derek for inviting me.  If you want to check out the coffee shop; I have posted a link to the site down below. Also there are pictures and videos at the bottom as well and make sure to comment and subscribe.

Avery Scott

Contributor: Caress Houston

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