Dr.Strange Screening


       This past Tuesday, I was given the privilege to see the screening of Dr.Strange; Thanks to Marvel and Edwards Theaters Greenway Palace Stadium 24 & RPX. I will try my best not to give away any spoilers. This movie was amazing like who doesn’t like magic. There is no stalling around with this movie, it jumps right into the plot and the first action sequence within the first seconds of the film. The action scenes are very well executed especially the way they use different hand motions to portray the uses of magic.  All of the actors meshed well together. I love the way marvel has been diversifying its casting. Even though in the beginning Dr.Steven Strange reminded me a little bit of Tony Stark “Ironman”. The visual effects were off the charts not only were they able to bend the earth upside down, horizontal and vertically; they were able to create multiple versions of earth that could intersect, spin and rotate in and out of each other like a turn dial. “It was the Inception Paris café scene times one hundred.” Overall the story line was great it delivers the message that even though you may have a plan for your life sometimes it doesn’t workout. But that does not mean life is over; we must learn to let go. Stop holding on to what was and learn to embrace what is. Lastly at the end of the film there were two post credit scenes. One hints at the upcoming film Thor Ragnarok and the other is a sequel for Dr.Strange. I am really excited to see how marvel finishes out its phase three plan for its movies. Sorry for any spoilers please make sure you go check out Dr. Strange it releases in theaters Friday. Please feel free to subscribe and comment if you like.

Avery Scott

Birth of a Nation Screening

Birth of A Nation

This movie has a well-paced build up not only does it informs you on Nat Turners background it explains the upcoming awakening the USA will have. Thus giving the name Birth of A Nation. This film could not have come at a better time. A 10 is an understatement not only do you learn the history you feel the pain surrounding the time period The cast was amazing and the Directors use of still images and expanding wide shots are absolutely beautiful. Song choice and timing was very on point. Not only is it relatable to all it is very enlightening to see how one man can inspire many and spark a movement years to come. It also shows what happens when we gain clear concousness of right and wrong. Birth of a Nation shows you how ignorant the world once was; while also showing you that there is still good in it. It relates in today’s time by showing that people still pick and choose what they see when it comes to race. It shows how we may feel it’s wrong but by us not speaking or acting on it can make matters worse or never end a cycle. At the end of the film you feel happy not enraged at anyone, since it balances all of your emotions. Not to be violent but to be proud that this man attempted what many would never do in his time. How he died with his dignity for what he believes in order to bring freedom to his people even if it was short lived he died a free man and not a slave.



Avery Scott

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