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Tuesday Night the Houston launched their Men of Style edition of their Modern Luxury Magazine. Hotel Zaza provided the venue in its Monarch Terrace; with its low lighting ambience on its upper deck and sunny skies on its lower outside. The melodic tones of jazz filled our ears not to loud. But just enough to catch the rhythm while being able to communicate with others. They treated us to cocktails wine and hors d’oeuvres “the coconut breaded shrimp were my favorite”. Also the Magazine teamed up with Mercedes-Benz of Houston Greenway to showcase there new AMG GT 2017 sport. With its sleek design and smooth interior pushing 481 horsepower this vehicle is the perfect combination of style and speed. Mr Edwardo of Mercedes-Benz ¬†informs me it goes 0-60 in 3.9 seconds with two twin turbos. This edition of Modern Luxury Houston features twelve pages of the famed designer Norton Ditto clothing as we now transition from summer to fall and winter. Having briefly spoken to the publisher he informed me that fall is his favorite time of year he said “time to put away light clothes and linens, but now is time to enjoy the cool weather. Wearing wool, corduroys and heavier shoes.” I myself love the cool weather as well;it’s time to break out the fall colors and change out your wardrobe from summer and spring. This men of style magazine launch gives you the edge to know what’s in style for the months to come. Check out some of the photos of the event.I will post videos in the next day or two after editing. Make sure you grab your copy of the Houston and comment/subscribe if you like.¬†

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