Next Up Presented by NextSeed


Next Up

       On November 16, 2016, I was given the opportunity to attend Next Up presented by NextSeed. The event was held at the marvelous Hughes Manor. This venue is so spacious with its two open concept building structures and large outdoor green space. The Next Up event gave up and coming restaurateurs, food trucks and businesses a chance to pitch there foods and business plans to some of the top restaurateurs and entrepreneurs in Houston’s food scene. “Just like on Shark Tank.” The Presenters were Awesome Bites who’s reinventing the the way we make muffins. They are allergy friendly and made with fruits and vegetables instead of sugar and milk. Second was Craft Burger Food truck showcasing its gourmet burgers made from all natural beef and pork, free range chicken and fresh salmon. Next was Dim Sum Bento with their big on flavor, MSG free, always fresh, bite sized dumplings. Lastly was Seaside Poke with is handcrafted taste of the Atlantic sushi bowls. The panelist dug into business plans asked questions about the foods, margins and sales. Sometimes offering advice on how to take a business to the next level or explaining why a certain business may just be a fad. The panelist consisted of Roveen Abante of Lincoln Bar and Virtue & Vice, Jonathan Horowitz with Legacy Restaurant Group, Thomas Nyguyen of Peli Peli Restaurant Group, Kiran Verma with Kiran Restaurant & Bar and Rassul Zarinfar of Buffalo Bayou Brewery. At the end of the night we were allowed to vote and taste all of the foods from the different contenders. Overall, I really enjoyed the Next Up event and look forward to more events from NextSeed. There are pictures at the bottom for your viewing pleasure and if you like comment and subscribe.  


Avery Scott

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