Chef’s Night Out Presented by Modern Luxury Interior Texas


Chef’s Night Out

           On November 17, 2016, I was invited to attend the 2nd annual Chef’s Night Out presented by Modern Luxury Interior Texas.  The event was held at the marvelous Cosentino Center in Houston. Upon entering the venue we heard the rhythmic sounds of Dj Rogelio of Lewis Grell “LG Entertainment and Production LLC.” Chef’s night out allowed Four International Interior Design Association professionals from Houston to join forces with four of Houston top chefs to create the best dish of the night. The Pairs were Louise Nicholson Carter of Skyline Art Services & Chef Harold Wong of The Fish featuring their Golden Beet baked in soil, In-house made yogurt, Red Quinoa and Arugula. Next was Kelie Mayfield of Mars Culture & Chef Arturo Ostorio of Amerigo’s Grille with Polpo; a Charred Octopus, with radish, pickled vegetables and citrus. “This dish was so good I never knew octopus tasted like chicken. My motto when it comes to food is don’t knock it till you try it.” Manuel Navarro of Ziegler Cooper & Chef Ivan Ortiz of Cafeza served smoked pulled rabbit and charred rabit skin wrapped in nopal, set on a yucca chip in a bed of cornmeal and mesquite salt sand, and garnished with crushed sumac berries and elote flowers. “This dish was my favorite I loved the rabbit.” Last was Marilyn Archer of Gensler & Chef Jose Hernandez of Radio Milano they  served a dessert dish; a Chocolate Folie Gras Parfait featuring hazelnut meringue with chocolate truffle, caramel drizzle ice cream on top of a salted pretzel.  For drinks we had champagne, wine, Agua Fresca and Southside Royal from Hidrick’s Gin. We even sampled the smooth taste of Glenfiddich Scotch. Towards the end of the night we voted on who made the best dish. Overall it was a very tasteful night and I am looking forward to next year’s Chef’s night out. Thanks to Modern Luxury Interior Texas for inviting me. I have provided pictures down below also be sure to comment and subscribe if you like.

Avery Scott

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