Haute Houston SZN2

Haute Houston SZN2

A couple of weeks ago Caress and I attended Haute Houston SZN2. This was one of the best fashion shows that I been to in a while. Producer Shawn Taylor truly brought his vision to life. The show took place at The Corinthian. A very luxurious establishment with high ceilings, long pillars and a grand staircase. Shawn incorporated the Corinthians’ grand staircase as a muse to his runway. As the models walked down the staircase the fringe of their outfits would sway; making their strut look next level.

The Designers for the show were RICHARD&GRACE, KHARI BERNARD, SOLOMON LAWRENCE, KEENAN WATSON, LORR, MICHAEL MARSHALL and QUITERIA. With clients such as Beyonce, Will Smith, Young Thug, Jhene Aiko, Essence Mag and many others. All designers released never before seen pieces just for the show. Our favorite designs were the pastel suits, the track suits collection, dresses by Keenan and select styles by Khari Bernard.

     Since Covid I haven’t been to any shows or events. I must say it was great to be back in my element. Masked up and all.  Not only to be at a show but a Black owned fashion show on such a grand scale. The Haute Houston SZN2 eluded Black Excellence. Thanks again Shawn for an amazing show and keep pushing the Houston fashion scene and see you at SZN3. Please do not forget to like, comment, subscribe and view the pictures/videos down below.

Avery Scott

Collaborator: Caress Houston

Photography: Avery Scott & Caress Houston

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