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Lost & Found    

      Hello and welcome back. Last, Saturday Caress and I had the pleasure of attending a media tasting for Lost & Found. Lost & Found is a bar themed restaurant located in the Historic Fourth ward of Houston, TX.

    Before we even got out of the car, I noticed the electric sign outside and the cool looking murals surrounding the parking lot. The inside is very artsy also. The zebra patterns and floral décor are perfect for making videos and taking photos.

    While there we were treated to six courses paired with five signature cocktails. The first course, we had was cheesy crawfish bread and Champagne Showers. A drink consisting of Hennessy VS, banana rum, lime, and champagne foam. Next up was “Caress’s favorite course” the tasty fried Cauliflower and DGK, a sour patch Kids infused Vodka with lime, cranberry, and a sugar rim. For the third course, we were given their savory Lost & Found wings. They were very unique and came in two flavors: the (lost wings) dipped in their peri peri sauce and the (found wings) glazed in a sweet Hennessy BBQ. We were given the Pinata’s (Zebra) to wash it down. It is made up of tequila, lime, coconut syrup, pineapple, chocolate, and absinthe. “It’s the perfect drink for making a boomerang.”  After that was the Hennessy fried rib, “it was so tender”, with the Side Piece. A vodka-based cocktail with yellow chartreuse, orgeat, and lemon. For the fifth course, we had the down south gumbo made up of blue crab, shrimp, chicken, and andouille sausage. Paired with the Golden Cadillac; a premium cocktail made with tequila, Hennessey VS, pineapple, lime and a mini bottle of Grand Marnier. “This drink was my favorite it was strong and tasteful.”   Lastly, for dessert, we were given yummy homemade chocolate crescent bread pudding and a chocolate chip cookie with a s’more inside of it.   

      Overall, Lost & Found has created the perfect ambiance. They serves amazing cocktails and tasty southern dishes.   Their music selection was nice, and the TVs were showing the games. They offer both indoor and outdoor seating and an upstairs patio. It’s a spot for everybody, even your dog. I’m sure your visit will be truly memorable.

       Right now, Lost & Found is having its soft opening from 4pm -2am. I will have a link down below to their social media accounts. If you would like to keep up with them, they are located in the Historic Fourth ward of Houston, TX. Also, a huge shout out to Crystal, Eric and the whole Lost & Found team for inviting us out for the tasting. To everyone reading welcome back again. There will be more content on the way do not forget to comment, like, subscribe and view the pictures/videos down below.

Avery Scott

Collaborator: Caress Houston

Photography: Avery Scott & Caress Houston



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This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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