KYRA Presents Vermillion SS17 Presentation


Vermillion SS17 Presentation

      Last week, I had the pleasure of attending KYRA presents Vermillion Spring Showcase 2017 (SS17) Presentation.  KYRA clothing is a couture apparel brand in Houston. The Spring Showcase ’17 was held at the creative space Ronin Art House. Designer Kemi Alao explained to me that the Vermillion SS17 was inspired by tropical fish. She was so intrigued with how colorful they are and yet how translucent they appeared. Inside Ronin Art House Kemi models were arranged in an open U shape, with some standing on elevated platforms covered in netting. There was even art work from Johnathon Paul Jackson in background. The setup made you feel as if you were on sea voyage as you walked around the Vermillion collection. The collection itself consisted of many different color cloths from royal blue, bold red, and bright yellows. She blended different color fabrics like light bronze and dark emerald to make her items pop. Kemi did a great job at catching the viewer’s eye; a couple of her dresses were almost solid with a splash of color. Not too much but just enough to balance  it. While a few of her other designs she incorporated netting and rope material; I loved this because it resembled the colorful and translucent look she had told me about. At the end of the Vermillion SS17 showcase I was very impressed with the collection. I realized that KYRA Clothing is not afraid to take risk and that the risk she takes is what sets her apart from other designers. I tried not to give you so much detail, for I have for provided pictures of the collection down below along with a link to her site. Also do not forget to subscribe and comment if you want.

Avery Scott

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