Fresh ARTS Presents The CINEBALL



This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending/cover the 2017 the CINEBALL. This was an awesome experience that got me super pumped for this year’s Oscars. Fresh ARTS is committed to the growth of a thriving, innovative and diverse arts sector in Houston. They enhance Houston’s arts community by connecting local artists, art organizations and patrons together. The event was held at the open maze-like Silos on Sawyers. Silos was an excellent choice; there were art paintings on everywhere. Once inside I noticed everyone was either dressed up or in a costume as their favorite movie character. There were people dressed up as Miley, Beetlejuice, James Bond, Poison Ivy, Old Hollywood, Cruella De Ville, King of Zamunda and many more.  Also the Sounds by A fistful of Soul had the place jumping; being out on the dance floor and being surrounded by people dressed up as celebrities really felt like dancing with the stars. Even the servers were in costume; their bodies were covered in gold paint to resemble the look of an Oscar trophy. The servers were passing out hors d’oeuvres from El Patio and Beaver’s. The spicy buffalo chicken nacho was my favorite. For drinks there was wine, champagne, specialty drinks by Dripping Springs Vodka and Gin and strong spiked slushies by Bacardi. There was even a snack bar just like the Oscars provided by Candylicious. After dancing and eating I decided to go explore the venue to see what else I could find. I ended up meeting two gentlemen one named Jonathon Palmer an aspiring actor at Next Iteration Theater Company. He will be in the upcoming play “Turquoise” starting March 17th through April 1st 2017. The other gentleman was John Whaley Jr. a Visual Artist. While speaking with him, I was able witness him finish a magnificent painting of Marilyn Monroe. Next, I ended up finding beautiful live body art paintings by RCC Creations. Throughout the Night there was a silent auction to help support rising artist and bring awareness to the art community. Not only could you place your bid on paper, but you could also conveniently text your bid. Overall this was an amazing event and I am glad to have experienced it. I have provided pictures down below along with links to everyone mentioned be sure to check them out. Also please don’t forget to comment and subscribe.

Avery Scott

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