VIP Reception- To Salute Hispanics in Sports & Entertainment


VIP Reception

      Last Tuesday, I Kicked off Super Week by covering a VIP Reception to Salute Hispanics in Sports & Entertainment; hosted by INCA KOLA, FOX DEPORTES, UNITED and Coca-Cola. The reception provided recognition to Hispanics in the sports world for their outstanding accomplishments on and off the field. This Salute enhances the positive image of Hispanics by highlighting the work being done in the communities from these professionals. Among these professionals was Activist Mr. Tony Diaz, the Chairman of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Sr. Salazar, Radio Personality Carmen Contreras, one of the C.E.Os., of Continental Food and Beverage Inc., Sports Announcers from Fox Deportes and Athletes. Throughout the night awards were given to some of the top performers in the Latino community.  The reception took place at southwestern Tejas Grill & Sports Bar in downtown Houston. For appetizers we were given southwestern eggrolls and Tejas Scorpions “jumbo bacon wrapped shrimp stuffed with Monterey jack cheese and jalapeño”. The entrée consisted of chicken and steak fajitas, rice and beans; along with sweet lemon bars, brownie bark and pecan pie for desert. INCA KOLA provided us with signature cocktails like the Gold Rush, Gold Russian, and my favorite the Golden Nut “Malibu coconut rum with INCA KOLA.” After the dinner we were able to mingle and party to mixes of Dj Tariq. Overall it was a great experience and I look forward to covering the convention in the months to come. There are pictures down below for you viewing pleasure, also be sure to comment and subscribe if you like.

Avery Scott

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