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New Amsterdam Speakeasy

Last Week, I was given the pleasure to kick off my Halloween festivities at a Haunted Specakeasy party hosted by New Amsterdam Vodka. The party took place at the House of Dereon Media Center “Matthew Knowles building.” This spacious media center is a wide open two story with a balcony that lets you over see the outside and inside. The party was very true to its 1920s meets halloween theme; before entering we had to give our name and give password “Vodka”. Once inside we were greeted with live trumpets horns and drums sounding as if we were in the roaring twenties. There were people dancing all over as if they were from that time era. I seen dance moves such as swing, the Charlestown, and the Fox Trot. There were four bar areas two outside and two inside one upstairs and another downstairs. They served cocktails like New Amsterdam “Spookeasy” Cider, Monster Mule, Root of All Evil, and Red Rum Fizz. There was also a lady in a champagne skirt with lemon New Amsterdam drinks. For food we were treated to chopped beef sandwiches, chicken tacos, fries, funnel cake, fried Oreos, and the witches apples. Lastly there was the costume contest with people dresses as BeetleJuice, Homer Simpson, Twins,a Pizza slice, a Taco, Pirates, and etc… New Amsterdam completely transformed the House of Dereon Media Center from the music to scenery and with signs from the 1920s that read Prohibition end it now! It was an excellent way to kickoff Halloween and I look forward to next year’s speakeasy. I have provided pictures of the event at the bottom if you want to view them also subscribe and comment if you like.

Avery Scott

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