Fashion X Houston Presented by Cadillac

imageFashion X Houston

     Last Friday; I was given the opportunity to attend/cover the first Fashion X Houston presented by Cadillac. The event took place at the spacious Silver Street Studios. The show featured designers from the TV series Project Runway and some of Houston’s very own local designers. Fashion X Houston showcased all types of styles such as luxury, wedding and regular every day attire. From different color cloths, linens and fabrics such as velvets, minks, shinny silks, pure whites, bright reds, passion purple bold black and vibrant blue. They even had an open bar with vodka, rum, whiskey and Chloe wine “my favorite by the way.” All throughout the night they served light bites, for instance mini beef, chicken and turkey sandwiches. Fashion X Houston also had different local venders as well from clothing to accessories for both men & women. Cadillac even provided a slow motion cam video shoot; along with showcasing a few luxury vehicles.This was perfect because it provided the audience with things to do either before, after and during the intermissions of the show. It was a great privilege and honor to attend/Cover the show. Overall, I had a great experience and look forward to next year’s show. Also before I forget, thank-you Matt and Rachel for allowing me to attend/cover the show. There are pictures down below for your viewing pleasure and if you like comment and subscribe.

Avery Scott


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