Master Piece Fashion Experience Presented by When World’s Collide Fashion

MasterPiece Fashion Experience

  Hello and happy 2019 welcome back last week I was able to attend the fabulous Master Piece Fashion Experience Presented by Worlds Collide Fashion Show. This was truly an amazing experience. The show took place at Silver Street Studios. Having the show there was a great way to bridge the fashion, art and photography culture. Silver Street Studios has over 68 galleries that are consisting of local Houston artist and photographers. While there we were able to walk around and view the galleries until the show started. The theme of the show is “dare to be different” and it lived up to it. They had a total of 70 models wearing designs from AMYRA, ADRIENNE YUNGER, Mysterious By N.P.N.,  Megan Beck, and Anne-Joelle Designs.  Some of the models were draped in dark and light sequence fabrics and colorways such as mauve pink, sky blue and bold red. There were even two wedding gowns one with a long train and one that was see through. Overall it was a great show and I loved seeing the models walk through the halls with all of the art surrounding them. Plus a portion of the tickets proceeds went to the Arthritis Foundation. I want to give a special shout out to Manuel for having the vision of the Master Piece Fashion Experience and to Ericka Lugnani for being an awesome coordinator and model coach. There is a link down below if you would like to donate to the Arthritis Foundation. Do not forget to comment, like, subscribe and view some of the pictures and videos down below.

Avery Scott

Contributor: Caress Houston




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