TIY (Tie It Yourself)



    Hello everyone, and welcome back. As you all know Christmas is right around the corner and I have the perfect stocking stuffer, T.I.Y. (Tie It Yourself) hair ties. TIY prides themselves on offering premium size customizable performance-based hair ties for all grades of hair. Unlike regular hair ties TIYs’ are extremely elastic and never stretch out. They even have a live video on their Instagram of them using their hair ties to lift a twenty-five-pound weight. “I bet you or your loved one’s hair ties cannot do the same.” Not only are their hair ties durable but they are very soft and sleek. With their hair ties being so smooth they never damage your hair or cause any headaches from being too tight. The founders of TIY believe in quality over quantity. Instead of giving you a lot of hair ties that will stretch out or snap like other hair tie brands; TIY luxury hair ties will last you at least full year. TIY currently offers two different models a basic thirty-four inch elastic that allows you to make anywhere from one to four different hair ties and a pro version that is forty-one inches that comes in a self-cutting casing, that works just like dental floss. They even have over ten different colors from Electric Pink, Midnight, Dark Orchid, Burnt Orange, Citrus, Snowflake, Summer Sky and etc. “I personally love the midnight color”. I highly recommend you get TIY as a gift for your loved ones or for yourself. Trust me they will not disappoint. Also if you order now they are offering a 5% discount on the four pack, a 10% discount on an eight-pack and a 15% discount on a twelve pack.  There is a link down below to the TIY website, Instagram and youtube. Please be sure to check them out. Lastly, I want to give a Special thanks to Andrea Nucete-Elliott for this opportunity.  I have pictures and videos down below of TIY. Do not forget to like comment and subscribe.

Avery Scott

Contributor: Caress Houston



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