Lamborghini Festival

 Houston Lamborghini Festival 2016

    This Past Sunday I had the luxury of attending Houston’s Lamborghini Festival located in City Centre. It is referred to as one of the largest Lamborghini events of the year; with over seventy different makes and models. From the classic Miurana, smooth Veneni, the Innovative Huracan,futuristic Aventador, and the popular Murcèlago. The Aventador Lamborghini reaches average speeds of 200+mph. This beast comes with a v12 engine “yes V8s you don’t stand a chance Lol”. These cars are truly  made for speed with there aerodynamic design and carbon frames to go 0-100 in 3.2 secs. These sport cars come with a hefty price tag of $200,000, for this price you will be guaranteed to turn heads every time you hit the road. The festival wasn’t limited to Lamborghini’s, they also had Ferrari’s, Porsche, Bugatti’s, Mercedes-Benz, Maserati’s, Audi’s and GT-R’s. This was a Car lover’s dream. Full of spectators snapping pictures for themselves or for social media.There were constant ooh’s and aah’s from seeing exotic colorways, big rims or hearing there engines roar. “Personally, the matte grey was my favorite.” The location of Houstons’ City Centre was an excellent choice. It’s scenery gives off an upper urban feel with its European opened style shops, bars and restaurants. They even had a live band playing in the middle of the plaza. I personally cannot wait for the Lamborghini’s Festival next year and look forward to the Ferrari Festival in a few weeks. There are some pictures from the event down below; Check them out if you like. Also leave a comment for any questions and if you want to subscribe.

Avery Scott

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