🥊Bartender Boxing 🥊 Austin Vs. Denver: Presented by Tequila Cazadores

 Bartender Boxing

    Hello and Happy Holidays. Last Wednesday, I was given the privilege to attend and cover Bartender Boxing Austin VS. Denver: Presented by Tequila Cazadores. Bartender Boxing is a 501(c) nonprofit that promotes health and wellness for Bartenders through Boxing. They also bring awareness and raise funds for local and national charities. The event took place at Brazil’s Hall. This was an excellent choice with its wood floors, brick siding, decorations and props it resembled the inside of an actual boxing gym. There were punching bags, ring girls and even a guy dressed up like Don King. During the event, we were served delicious chicken tacos and drinks sponsored by Tequila Cazadores. “The Knockout Punch and Tradition Margarita were my favorites.” Throughout the night we witnessed 7 amateur matchups consisting of both male and female bartenders. These were not your average amateurs either each Bartender had a rigorous training routine. They exercised three days a week for three months under the guidance of professional boxing coaches. They were throwing straight jabs, clean hooks and switching from southpaw and an orthodox stance. There were even some brutal knockdowns. Some of my favorite matches were Lucas “Lucio”  DeRosa vs Matthew “Charm City Kid” Wienholt, Jess “Swisha” Householder vs Alex “Iron Butterfly” Jump and Luke “Baby Luke” Haygood vs Jim “Your Mom’s Boyfriend” Kenyon. Overall, Bartender Boxing is an awesome event. There was so much pride in the building from both cities. I look forward to next year’s event. Special thanks to Mr.Ruesga-Pelayo, Mr.Fernandez, and Mr.Posner for the invite. There are pictures and videos down below. Do not forget to comment, like, subscribe and if you need to grab some alcohol for the holidays give Tequila Cazadores a try. “I promise it will not disappoint.” 

Avery Scott

Contributer: Caress Houston



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