The Art of Ice Cream Experience🍦🍦🍦

The Art Of Ice Cream Experience 

        Hello everyone, welcome back. Earlier this month I had the pleasure of going to The Art of Ice Cream Experience in Austin, TX. “It was amazing.” As you first walk in you feel like a kid in a candy store, your eyes can’t help to widen as you scan the rooms and see all the different ice cream themes. Each room is decorated from the floor to ceiling and filled with props. In the First room, you see ice cream sundaes, multi-colored ice cream cones, giant popsicles and even ice cream mixers as decor and centrepieces. You can even pick up some of the standing popsicles. They are perfect for taking Snapchat and Instagram pictures with. One room in particular which was my personal favourite had giant ice cream shaped beanbags and even cute little bananas and cherries on top. As we moved further into the ice cream wonderland we were able to do more with the props displayed before us. There was a confetti sprinkles waterfall. So you can get the perfect sprinkle photo. A giant ball pit with an ice cream sandwich border And a Napoleon flavor color scheme. In the final room, we were led to an ice cream cone boxing ring cleverly titled “Custard Palace”. It was really fun to put the gloves on and go head to head with the top cone. Lastly, we were taken to an ice cream truck to indulge in all the ice cream cones, sandwiches or popsicles that we wanted. “It was amazing my Inner child was excited.” Art of Ice Cream truly defines the phrase I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream. If you would like to check The Art of Ice Cream Experience they are offering great discounts for the rest of the month. This is perfect since the kids are out for the next two week.there is a link down below please be sure to check out the pictures and video down below. Do not forget to like comment and subscribe. Thanks again and see you all next week.

Caress Houston

Contributor: Avery Scott

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