Creed 2 Screening🤼‍♂️

Creed 2

   Hello everyone, welcome back. Yesterday I attended a private screening for Creed 2. No worries, there are no any spoilers. This
movie is so good from the story telling the visual effects and the music sound track.” I really loved the soundtrack.”  Creed 2 is one the rare films that exceeds its predecessor. It’s not like your typical boxing movie it has drama and layers for both the Protagonist and Antagonist. It gives you a look inside the Drago family and it makes you understand, sympathize and somewhat like them. They are not just big tough guys who only punch, they have substance too. You also feel and care for Adonis Creed and his arcs in the film as well. It shows why this fight means so much to him and how it defines his legacy.  Michael B Jordan, Tessa Thompson Sylvester Stallone and other supporting cast did a stellar job at acting, you feel their happiness, warmth laughter, rage and pain in intense moments. The director Steven Caple Jr. did an awesome job at capturing the realism in the film along with shooting some great boxing scenes. Overall this was a great film a true emotional rollercoaster filled with some inspiring scenes. The last film was about stepping out of his father shadow this one is about doing what you have a passion for no matter what win, lose or draw. I personally cannot wait on the next installment in the Rocky franchise. Make sure you go check it out, I have provided a link to the Ipic theatres down below. Special Thanks to Allied IM Austin for the invite. Please be sure to like comment and subscribe.

Avery Scott

Contributor: Caress Houston

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